Leather Dyes

Leather Dyes

Change the colour of your leather with these easy to use pigment dye kits


Product Description

The polyurethane leather colourants are water based and so are non harmful and non hazardous. We've made them very thin so they're extremely easy to apply, almost the same consistency of water, so they can be easily sprayed through any spraying equipment without causing blockages. The PU Colourants have been designed for colour restoration and colour change jobs so the pigment addition is very high allowing them to easily cover leather without the need for lots of applications.

Most importantly is their ability to resist scuffs and scratches. The PU Colourants are extremely hard wearing and will not scratch unless very heavily forced.


The PU Colourants are designed for restoring the colour and changing the colour of all leather items. The reason we recommend this colourant range over any other is the high rub fastness and scuff resistance characteristics: you will struggle to scuff or scratch them! The colour holds and will not fade, flake or peel, even after years of use. Not only are the colourants very hard wearing, but they also feel very soft and delicate (they will not dry out over the years), we've added controlled amounts of silicone into the base mixture to give it a lovely smooth and soft texture.

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Leather  Dye Pigments all sizes available standard colours 500ml
The Polyurethane Leather Colourants arer water bassed and so are non harmful and non hazardous. W..
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